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Advocating for a Warm Welcome to Boracay: Lesley Mobo's Deleted Post

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, voices often rise and fade into obscurity. Lesley Mobo, a celebrated fashion designer hailing from Aklan, recently shared a heartfelt sentiment on Facebook, only to have the post mysteriously disappear. In this piece, we delve into Mobo's call for a more inviting experience for tourists on the shores of Boracay.

Mobo's message was directed towards the Jetty port personnel and those responsible for managing the port. He expressed his concern regarding what he saw as a lack of warmth and efficiency in welcoming and processing tourists upon their arrival.

His words resonated with the many travelers who journey great distances to reach Boracay's shores. Mobo proposed that Boracay should draw inspiration from renowned tourist destinations like Thailand and Bali, where tourists are greeted with smiles and even performances upon arrival.

Mobo's central message was crystal clear: the current system for island crossing, with its numerous booths and interviews, required reevaluation. He stressed the importance of offering a world-class standard of hospitality to both local and international tourists.

Although Mobo's post has vanished, its impact lingers in the minds of those who encountered it. It serves as a reminder that the initial experience a tourist has upon arriving at a destination can significantly shape their perception of the place. Mobo's plea underscores the shared responsibility of everyone involved in welcoming visitors to ensure that the journey is memorable, not traumatic.

In the transient world of social media, Lesley Mobo's advocacy for a more welcoming Boracay remains a testament to the influence of words and the potential for positive change when individuals raise their voices.


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